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Because professional performance depends on individual performance, accompany your employees in their transformations, in the evolution of their professional skills.

Preparing your decision-makers mentally will allow you to gain serenity, commitment and autonomy. Combining personalized sports coaching with mental preparation aims to awaken cognitive and mental sensitivities, in order to achieve one’s own goals and regain self-confidence.

We offer you a unique 7-day coaching program to give you the opportunity to disconnect but also to give you all the physical and mental keys to optimize your performance

Your 3-step program

1. 15 days before departure :

We talk to you in order to make a physical diagnosis of what you expect from this internship, what your sporting objectives are, what you would like to work on as a priority.

Followed by a mental diagnosis, which will evaluate your stress level, your mental activation, what are your strengths and weaknesses, your positive and negative thoughts, analyze your self-confidence and confidence towards others.

These tests will serve as a basis for the entire duration of stay.

2. During your trip :

A sports program will be proposed to you following your diagnosis and the expression of what you would like to work on, it is personalized and daily. Coaching will be done on a One-to-One basis and dedicated to setting up your own physical performance routines.

At the same time, the mental preparation program will promote your relaxation, we will make you aware of relaxation techniques and stress management. Meditation and yoga sessions will be offered every morning and evening. Work and development of your ability to be relaxed, mentally flexible, concentrated…

During 1 week, we will take care of you from A to Z. We will take you in hand as soon as you arrive at the airport, and we will take you to a place where you can relax and disconnect, Saint-Barthélemy! Disconnect yourself from your daily life, discover an extraordinary island, places in the middle of nature that we have selected to improve your knowledge, know-how and know-how to be ! Accompanied by our coaches develop audacity and mastery in new disciplines.

Let yourself go, we’ll manage for you!

3. When you return :

The Sport 4 Leaders Bootcamps are an experience of life, sharing, encounters and post-bootcamp follow-up.


Payment in 2 installments free of charge
The BOOTCAMP Sport 4 Leaders takes place in Saint-Barthélemy.
The price of a trip (on request) includes :

  • Diagnostics ;
  • Bootcamp, mental preparation workshops, personalized sports coaching and financial training;
  • Accommodation in a luxury villa, with bedroom and individual bathroom ;
  • Breakfast & lunch ;
  • Transport from St. Martin Island to St. Barth’s.


After your registration you will receive an email with your convocation and the various useful information.
Confirmation of your registration upon receipt of your payment.

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28 March 2020 9 h 00 min
4 April 2020 6 h 00 min


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