Finance Coach

Professor of Finance at EDHEC (MSc, MBA, Apprenticeship, Corporate Continuing Education)

Director of the Value Creation Research Center,

Executive Director MBA Paris EDHEC

CEO PHF Business Consulting :
– Evaluation (from SMEs to large international companies, family businesses, mutual insurance companies, etc.);
– Fundraising, LBOs, capital restructuring,
– Support in mergers and acquisitions (from due diligence, LAW, valuation, financing to post-acquisition management to define and implement the integration strategy),
– Strategy and management of an insurance company under Solvency II,
– Performance measurement across all sectors,
– Training of directors, COMEXs and decision-making executives
– Member of the Fintechs Labelling Committee (Finance Innovation Pole),

Its sole objective: to help you better manage business stress by approaching it in a different way.

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