Because best ideas always start from a need, this one is no exception to the rule ! Professional life that takes a lot of time and leaves little room for sport. Natural environment that does not always motivate people to practice sport, or simply the lack of information on good practices to achieve your own objectives!

Sport and even more, sports coaching reflects life values in general.And if you want to perform well in sports and business, apply the same methods! Sport4leaders offers you the opportunity to take ownership of your own personal sports and nutritional coaching in an idyllic place, Saint-Barthélémy

Our stays are tailor-made and customized, that’s why only 6 to 8 people maximum will share this luxury bootcamp at the same time, in order to keep close, kind and to preserve this very privileged relationship with your coach.

Whether your objective is to get back in shape, regain the motivation to do sports, lose weight, prepare for a sporting challenge, a race or just want to meet your alter egos for a week in sports teambuilding mode, Sport 4 Leaders takes ownership from A to Z..

Get ready!

5 reasons to try this Deluxe Bootcamp version


Produced by a first-class sports coach, he will prepare a customized daily training schedule to YOUR objectives during which he will guide you, give you insights and bring motivation !

Training is good, but training taking into account the unique characteristics the body needs to achieve your goals and seeing the results where they are expected is better!



Because self physical and mental recovery without adopting the ``Healthy`` mode during the break week would be meaningless.

Therefore it’s important to integrate nutrition into your objectives, while providing your daily needs, no deprivation, just rebalancing.



The most important phase in sports coaching is rest. What could be better than being on a beach facing a turquoise Caribbean sea to disconnect, relax and have rest for a moment?

Muscle is built when our body is at rest, evacuating stress and relaxation will help to achieve results.



Your professional and personal responsibilities leave you little spare time. Taking the time to go to the gym, prepare a balanced meal or rest are necessary steps for a good fitness, but often incompatible with your professional pace.

Sport 4 leaders obrings you 2 workshops in the morning and evening: Meditation and Yoga, so that you refocus and recover good energy.



Because this Deluxe bootcamp version is aimed at CEOs and executives / top management looking for calm, challenge, de motivation, but also new relationships that may turn into business tomorrow.

Combining sport, taste for challenge, sharing, motivation, is what can be created in this kind of privileged stay.

Want to take a step back ?

Meet your peers in an idyllic place while mixing your desire to take care of yourself for a week?

We look forward to accompanying you in this beautiful challenge and making you discover this unique concept!

Our values

Get inspired from sport to create a winning management!

Surpassing yourself

This is your daily routine at the office! We will put this dynamic at the heart of your training by having one common goal, achieve your sporting objectives.


A personal coach who will follow you during training sessions! You set the objectives, he proposes a customized training program that meets your expectations.


Because for us, the challenge is to face a complex situation, to leave your comfort zone and transmit your experience with goodwill. Sport, school of life!

Management through sport

Sport and Management often have common values. What if a sports team success factors could be transposed to a company?


Bringing our participants together for a week around sport by creating synergies, is our philosophy of life!


Businessman or businesswoman, senior sports executive or not, lacking time for himself, for letting go, challenging himself physically, personally. The only condition: willing to refine, gain muscle, get back in shape, sculpt your body, exceed your sporting limits, catch your breath, prepare a race, let go, challenge yourself.

keys for success

6 criteria for winning BootCamp


Motivation will be the first criteria in achieving your sporting goals. We help you to keep thismotto !


Who will be listening to you adapt to your level and support you in achieving your objectives. .


Focus on yourself for 1 week, without being able to deviate or find pretext for not practicing sports!


Have a target objective, a training schedule in line with your expectations. Exercises will be proposed according to you: initial physical condition, age, target...


1. diagnostic phase, weight, body mass index, visceral fat level... 2. test phase, you pass a series of tests and we develop appropriate sessions. 3. training phase.


May you regain a taste for sport, may mental preparation bring you serenity, may you leave with a smile and the desire to come back with your teams for teambuilding !