Our Objective

Get inspired from sport to create a winning management!

All that matters is to let go and your sport objectives; Our mission is to take you on a customized program combining sport, mental preparation and food rebalancing, n ian exotic bubble, where time is divided between surpassing yourself, relaxation and disconnection. All of this, without any constraints because we handle the rest. Live a unique experience on a paradise island.

Our team is made of former top French athletes, the best coaches in mental preparation, meditation and yoga, who offer you a top-of-the-range service. They bring you on a customized journey based on your own wishes, accompany you throughout your stay and thus guide you to reach your targets, in a simple and effective way;

With state diplomas in several sports disciplines, our coaches know the language and communication techniques that facilitate the development of concentration, focus and motivation. They will definitely use all their knowledge to take full advantage of of your potential..

You benefit from a first – class follow-up and a subtle mix of sports coaching, diet coaching, life coaching and mental preparation. To guide you towards a better quality of life, your Coach applies only one rule:do his/her utmost to make you succeed!

A Luxurious Place

For a customized coaching

A villa located in Grand Fond in a private property, benefits from the calm of a natural lagoon protected by reefs and a private beach where you can swim and explore the bay in kayaks.

Luxury, calm and intimacy in an amazing location, a luxurious villa with rooms all with breathtaking view on the swimming pool.

Between two coaching sessions, you will enjoy beach, pool, sailing, snorkeling… As far as hospitality is concerned, we offer services similar to the greatest hotels. The coaching we deliver is not limited to sports. We also guide you on a healthier lifestyle that suits you.

Our Team

Entrepreneur, top sportsman, teacher...


Sports coach


Mental trainer


Finance Coach

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Once the deposit has been received, your registration is validated! We will then send you a travel book to find all the information, your customized program and our contact details.

Not at all! We will meet you at the airport. Then you just have to let go. We will take the lead until the end of your stay.

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